OpenMedia VISION

OpenMedia VISION is our professional planning solution for editorial collaboration and story-centric news management. It supports the development of rich stories including long to mid-term schedulingand planning functionality for news and news-related shows. If you need a planning solution without switching your entire Newsroom Computer System, OpenMedia VISION is for you.

Driven by the proliferation in types of incoming information - from User Generated Content to Twitter Feeds - as well as the need to distribute content to an increasing range of platforms, editorial workflows are becoming ever more complex and demanding. Responding to the themes and events of the day and ensuring that coverage is accurate and up to date are activities that require sophisticated planning.

As they work to their own deadlines, editorial teams need to be able to look across their organization and get a clear view of which stories and events are being covered or have coverage planned. This clear view of information combined with easy access to content means that new information sources - such as Social Media - can easily be integrated into the news production workflows. Better workflows in the newsroom mean significant improvements in newsroom productivity. OpenMedia VISION is designed as a platform-independent solution. 

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