OpenMedia NOW

OpenMedia NOW provides a modern standard toolset for journalist workflows. Fast and powerful researching across multiple sources, flexible story editing as well as scheduling and playout of running orders for radio, TV and online are just a few of the key features. For greatest efficiency, OpenMedia NOW offers ideal integration into existing IT and production environments.

Our scalable starter kit solution with an initial service package fits most standard workflow requests. It is easy to learn, fast to install, comes at a reasonable price and delivers groundbreaking workflows. OpenMedia NOW is a system for a typical editorial workflow and therefore ready to help journalists in no time. Many additional modules are available; for example OpenMedia AnyPlace, our web service as well as enhancements for High Availability and Multi-site connections. Basic standard MOS gateways for Graphic-, MAM- and Production Systems are already included in the Starter kit. Furthermore the system enables a number of external sources for wire agencies, RSS Feeds or Email as well as a teleprompter gateway. The License Model is easy to manage: just pay for the number of simultaneous users.

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